Bee Monitoring and behaviour prediction

Beekeeping is one of the oldest areas of human activity. The objective of this experiment is to design solution focused on monitoring situation inside and outside of hive, providing prediction of bee behaviour and sending alerts to beekeepers and allow provide interactive analysis in time. Monitoring will be based on Wireless Sensors Network.

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The main goal of the experiment is to provide technological platform for sensor data and expert observation collection in combination with daily activity and resource registry.
– register apiaries and hives
– manage resources and locations
– make electronic activity and observation registry for planing needs
– with help of technology provider connect sensor units and collect sensor data


Analyse sensor data with obeservations and activity journal:
– statistical analysis for identifying of irregularities;
– observation data for statistical result validation and connection to the real world actions;
– building of triggering and notification system for beekeepers;


Registration in the system is available upon request by sending a request e-mail to After the registration request, a user account will be created for you and access details for using the system will be sent.