Technology Solutions

Technology solutions in farming can reduce costs and improve profitability. Digital technologies allow decision-making tools with timely and accurate operational data, e. g. predicting and monitoring services to reduce pesticides, fertilizers or antibiotic use. Sustainability audit systems can provide opportunities to reduce the logistic costs based on real time information. Low cost wireless digital sensors can replace expensive equipment for measuring of effect of pollutants, such as dust, ammonia and greenhouse gasses. By using technology solutions – automated precise control of farming equipment, autonomous drones, weeding robots, self-driving tractors etc. farmers can counteract demographic trends and attract young people to the sector. New technology solutions will result in a broad digital transformation, comprising fundamental socio-technical changes of business processes, competences, products and services, and key inter-firm relationships.

North East Europe Cluster is facilitating Ground Water and Meteo sensors experimentation and Bee Monitoring and behaviour prediction experiment under Horizon 2020 SmartAgriHubs project. More detailed information about other experiments that will provide technology solutions will be continuously added to Smartagro.