Living Lab

Living labs are collaborating for creation, prototyping, validating, and testing of new technologies, services, products, and systems in real-life contexts. As an innovative business model Living labs encourage a more sustainable mobilization of resources, better cooperation between operators along the value chain and lead to new services. By focusing on innovation user Living labs will integrate concurrent researches and innovation processes within a public-private partnership.

The Union “Farmers’ Parliament” Living Lab will address the challenges of fruit and vegetable growing in Latvia – lack of cooperation between the growers and the food processors, as well as between the food chain members; cooperatives are slowly starting to develop, lack of knowledge and motivation for cooperation; improvement of knowledge about the production of high quality fruits and production of high value and innovative products.

FP Living Lab was established in the frame work of Horizon 2020 project LIVERUR (1st of May 2018 – 30th of April 2021). The main mission of LIVERUR is to play a role as catalyser and/or driver of rural innovation. The project involves more than 20 European partners. LIVERUR combines relevant rural topics (agriculture, tourism, innovation, energy & environment, food, water, mobility, entrepreneurship, social innovation etc.) for future challenges in rural/remote/mountain areas to give them real and sustainable perspectives in order not to force them to leave their living areas. More detailed information about the LIVERUR project is available here.