Digital Innovation Hub

Digital Innovation Hub (DIH) is a one-stop-shop through which entrepreneurs can get access to technology and business support. It aims to make businesses more competitive by speeding up the development and uptake of digital innovations. Using DIHs services businesses will receive financing advice, market intelligence, networking opportunities, expertise and digital technology relevant to its products, processes, or business models.

Union “Farmers Parliament” DIH builds an agricultural support ecosystem that will boost the uptake of digital solutions by the farming sector in Latvia. Unlike other industries – farming is more subject to sector and region specific conditions and needs. By identifying local needs and opportunities The FP DIH will aim to reduce the existing gap between farming community and digital innovations.  The FP DIH is involved in the Horizon 2020 SmartAgriHubs project that will promote a pan-European network of DIHs fostering a broad digital transformation in the agri-food sector.