Regional Cluster

North East Europe (NEE) Regional Cluster aims to foster the development of smart agriculture in Baltic countries and Poland. The Cluster acts as a first contact point and link between farmers and technology providers in the region, sharing knowledge of relevant events and funding opportunities. It helps to reduce the gap between the needs, challenges, interests and expectations of actors in the agri-food sector by collaborating and communicating with all stakeholders along the agri-food chain ranging from academia, farmers and their respective organisations to local as well as regional authorities. The North East Europe Cluster is identifying and promoting successful Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH), Competence Centres (CCs) and Flagship innovation experiments (FIE) that showcase real life benefits.


SmartAgriHubs is using a regional cluster approach, where each cluster represents a group of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) and Competence Centres (CC) within a region. Other regional clusters involved in the project: UK & Ireland, Scandinavia (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark), France, North West Europe (Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands), Central Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Swiss, Slovakia, Hungary), Iberia (Spain, Portugal), Italy, South-East Europe (Greece, Balkan countries). Read more about regional clusters HERE.


North East Europe Regional Cluster is one of the 9 regional clusters involved in Horizon 2020 SmartAgriHubs project. Within the NEE operates 11 DIHs, 12 CCs un 5 FIEs.

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Coordinating  organization: Union “Farmers Parliament”

Location: Republikas laukums 2-916, Rīga, Latvia, LV1010


Contact person: Inga Berzina


Phone:+371 29282312

Co-coordinating organization: Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center

Location: ul. Jana Pawła II 10. 61-139 Poznan, Poland


Contact person: Raul Palma


Phone:+48 618585140