“LIFE CRAFT” project discussion With Latvian Fund for Nature and Institute of Environmental Solutions

On Tuesday, January 21 representatives of the Farmers’ Parliament Maira Dzelzkalēja-Burmistre, Iveta Grudovska and Inga Bērziņa, and Arnis Burmistris, owner of farm “Vilciņi 1”, met with project managers Maija Ušča, who represented the Latvian Fund for Nature, and Robert Rotberg, a representative of the Institute for Environmental Solutions, to discuss the activities planned for the LIFE CRAFT project.

In the second half of this year, after approval of the technical design the Institute for Environmental Solutions (NRAs) plans to install controlled drainage systems in two pilot areas to assess their impact on GHG emissions and benefits to farmers. Taking into account the experience of the Farmers’ Parliament in the implementation of a similar experiment within the project “SmartAgriHubs”, which already evaluates the measurement data of groundwater sensors at farm “Vilciņi 1”, its owner Arnis Burmistris introduced LIFE CRAFT project leaders with the installation process of these sensors and meteo stations and also provided some practical advice. Demo version of the application developed in SmartAgriHubs project was presented, aimed at providing more detailed information on plant development and agro-ecological conditions, as well as helping to forecast the weather for the next few days, allowing for on-farm planning of operations.

The LIFE CRAFT project, in its turn, focuses more on adaptation of remote exploration monitoring instruments to measure GHG emissions, which will assist in the evaluation of national policies to reduce agricultural GHG emissions. The two project partners agreed on further cooperation in the exchange of information.

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