Seminar on new technologies for greenhouses, gardens and fields

This year on October 4, Latvian Farmer’s Parliament organized a seminar “New Technologies for Latvian Greenhouses, Gardens and Countryside” at the Exhibition Complex Ramava.

In the first part of the seminar, the company “A.M. Ozoli” board member Aigars Miglāns informed about the latest trends in the covered area and why covered areas are and will become increasingly popular in the world. In the follow-up, Tom Zöllner, Secretary General of the FarmTech Society, talked about hydroponics technology and what future solutions for efficient gardening can provide. The seminar was concluded with an experiment: “Water quality and meteo sensors – experiment on Vilciņi-1 farm” was announced by its implementation team: Inga Bērziņa from Latvian Farmer’s Parliament and Ainis Lagzdiņš from the Latvian University of Agriculture.

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Video of the seminar is available here: