During the project meeting …

During the project meeting held at the farm “Vilciņi 1” the owner of the farm has demonstrated the installed Meteostation iMetos® IMT300 EU in the operation and presented different data collected by the sensors and which is available in different formats, graphs, tables, etc.:

  • air temperature sensor data;
  • relative moisture sensor data;
  • precipitation meter data;
  • sun radiation sensor data;
  • leaf moisture sensor data;
  • wind speed sensor data;
  • wind direction sensor data;
  • soil moisture sensor data;
  • soil temperature sensor data;
  • salt concentration sensor data.

The data flow from the station is available for the data analysis and monitoring of the controlled field. The possibilities to integrate iMetos data flow with Meteoblue data or SensLog 2 analytics were discussed, however, more detailed technical and commercial discussion is necessary among all FIE partners in order to decide how to proceed.

The installed water and groundwater level sensors were demonstrated in the field which are also operational and collecting the data already. It is planned to integrate data into SensLog 2 software as additional data for analytics.

System requirements document was reviewed and presented by the Farmers Parliament and after discussions with the meeting members the document was updated with additional business requirements. Satellite imagery data basemap service API was presented and relevant analytics to be derived from the satellite imagery discussed. The monthly analytics data for temporary comparison should be valuable to analyse the field information and understand likely benefits from satellite imagery.