The Changing Landscape of European Policy

Let’s celebrate this 11th Edition of the SAH newsletter! In this edition, you will learn more about the EU policies in digitalisation and agriculture!

With the past last policy developments, including the approval of the CAP or the Digital Governance Act it is more important than ever to be aware of the latest developments at EU level, in order to understand the opportunities that these EU policies can bring to rural areas.

The idea behind this newsletter is to have a realistic overview of these policies analysed by partner organisations of SmartAgriHubs.

For this edition of the SmartAgriHubs newsletter, George Beers, from the Wageningen University and coordinator of SmartAgriHubs, is presenting in the Editorial the milestones of the last year of SmartAgriHubs and giving a glimpse on the sustainability of the project. 

We also invited partner organisations from across Europe to be part of our Taking Stock section where they share their perspectives and analysis on EU policies. Finally, learn more of the latest developments of the SmartAgriHubs community in the section What’s New, including details of the final event! 

Besides, in Synergising, we will display another European project working in agriculture, the Lift project. 

Last but not least, with the Magnitude section, we showcase four interesting perspectives from four different Members of the European Parliament. We are very pleased to present Ms Maria Walsh, Mr Tom Vandenkendelaere, Mr Jérémy Decerle, Mr Dragoş Tudorache and their views on the European Green Deal or the Chip Act.

We hope you will enjoy the read and don’t forget to check out the Innovation Portal for more news and events!

The SmartAgriHubs Communications Team