SmartAgriHubs webinar on Digital Innovations 24.03.2021.

On 24th of March North East Europe Regional Cluster were organising a Webinar for DIHs, research institutes, agriculture advisors and policy makers, as well as other relevant stakeholders in the region. The event featured as invited speaker Aivars Lapins, the Latvian representative in the Agriculture and Fisheries Committees of the OECD, who talked about the Digitalisation of agriculture – global perspective of the region. The Webinar included presentation from the innovation experiments in the region, describing their achievements and results, presentations from DIHs in the region to promote their latest’s achievements and news, as well as presentations of the latest’s features of the innovation portal and the open call of SmartAgriHubs. The latter were presented by Harald Sundmaeker and included a hand-on session with a practical guidance to the application forms.  Furthermore, the Webinar featured presentations of success stories of cooperation and exploitation of results from experiments in Poland and Lithuania. The Webinar aimed to inform the existing network and to engage new organisations in joining the cluster to co-design, co-develop and benefit from the opportunities offered by the SmartAgriHubs network.

PRESENTATION – Inga Bērziņa un Raul Palma – North East Europe Cluster Results & Achievements

PRESENTATION – Inga Bērziņa – Union “Farmers Parliament” Latvia DIH

PRESENTATION – Aivars Lapiņš – Digitalisation of Agriculture Global Perspective of the Region

PRESENTATION – Ilze Bargā – Flagship Innovation Experiment 20 Groundwater and Meteo Sensors

PRESENTATION – Innovation Portal in North East Europe Regional Cluster

PRESENTATION – North Poland – Accelerating the Digital Transformation of Regional Economy

PRESENTATION – Tomasz Wojciechowski  – FLAGSHIP INNOVATION EXPERIMENT #17 PULS for fertilizers On line DSS for optimizing fertilizers

PRESENTATION – Adam Fojud – Integration of SAH results with existing advisory services (EPSU)

PRESENTATION – Kristina Šermukšnytė – AGRIfood Lithuania DIH. A gateway to the digital agrifood sector

PRESENTATION – Kristina Šermukšnytė – Experience after ASH Open Call ‘ Respond to the Covid 19 Crisis’. Hack agrifood 2020: respond to the covid 19 crisis

PRESENTATION – Harald Sundmaeker – Digital Transformation of Agriculture at a Regional Level